Friday, September 7, 2007


Guess what??!!!! I am going back to school!!!! GRADUATE SCHOOL!!! My district is offering an opportunity for teachers to get their master's degree through Lamar University. It's an 18 month program that offers degrees in two areas: M. ED. in Teacher Leadership or M. ED. in School Administration. Of course, I am choosing the Teacher Leadership program because I know it will be very beneficial for me in the classroom. Above all...the best thing about it....MY DISTRICT PAYS FOR IT ALL!!!! :0) Many of my fellow colleagues are going to begin the program as well, so it will be really nice to have some study buddies.

I know I was close to going to Christ For The Nations Institute, but I am positive I will go when I finish my master's program. All in God's timing I say!!!
As you can tell, I am super excited. I am positively sure this is the right door for me to walk through!!! My first day is November 12!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Love ya'll and God Bless!!!

Laura :0)



that's cool!

nice background by the way

Laura said...

thank you! :D

Olga Foster said...

you should do it...i always supported you getting your mba in education! that's an awesome opportunity, don't pass it by!


hey, i ll call you tonight, i want to find out what it takes to get a teaching certificate.

Laura said...

thank you!

ok, I'll be home tonight.