Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's that time in my life again! I am moving! WOO-HOO! (sense sarcasm?) Thankfully, I'm not moving very far at all. It's only to the other side of the building on the
3rd floor. The move will be a healthy thing since this current apartment keeps falling apart and despite the many times I've called maintenance to come take care of business. Praise God that they were bought by another company and that there is structure. However, it's biting me in the tush since I have to pay for some things that the previous company failed to fix...punks! Oh well, at least I have a place to live. My rent will be much lower than before. It's going to be 505.00 a month! YAY! Also, I should be able to get a view of the lake and of course the HWY, lol!
I'll start moving this Friday morning (yes, I am taking the day off) and Saturday!

I hope all is well and take care!

Blessings on ya!

p.s. I love the quotation below:

"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway" -John Wayne

Friday, September 19, 2008

Open Doors...

Well, here is my new staff picture from a little over a month ago. Everyone's picture is taken when they start full-time. Anyway, most of my focus has been work lately.

Now that the school year is underway, meetings are starting to take place and doors are beginning to open. I have been requested to team up with other departments to do some community outreach in hispanic college fairs, parent college night, and an ESOL info session to students in Garland ISD and Richardson ISD. I am soooo excited and yet I know it's going to be challenging. I have ideas running through my head that I have post-its all over my desk and computer monitor, lol!

I just wanted to share some news with ya'll!

I hope all is well!

Laura :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Changes And Rambling

Hello everyone! Another month has gone and I am still wondering where it went. I'm doing well. Life is good no matter what the circumstances. I can't complain.

I'm here at work during my lunch hour. I had chicken and green beans. It was good. My job is going well. It's keeping me very busy and I am enjoying it. I love working in an office because it's a little more quieter, I get to walk around campus, be part of committees and go to meetings. I've met great people and I still have many more to meet. I love the freedom it brings. It's refreshing. The neat thing about is the lake that runs through Richland. It brings such a sense of peace and it makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.

Other than work, I am looking for an apartment closer to work. That way I don't have to deal with the 635 drama and avoid taking the 45-minute alternate route with 7 school zones to drive through in the mornings (AAAAAAAAAHHH!). It seems that it's not time to move into a house with my family. Timing this fall has been the theme to my life. I committed to some things like school and it's been falling apart. I am going through so many changes, again. Finding myself once again in this new job, new major of study and a new place. Wow, it's awesome, but it's hard to get a grasp on things because everything is new to me that I am having challenges trying to manage it all. I have God, great friends and a great family who are holding me together and helping me out. I cannot be more blessed. I feel it's undeserved.

Well, I like starting over. I'm used to change. Trust me, I am. The thing is, it's only the beginning.


p.s. Did this make any sense? ;)