Monday, September 15, 2008

Changes And Rambling

Hello everyone! Another month has gone and I am still wondering where it went. I'm doing well. Life is good no matter what the circumstances. I can't complain.

I'm here at work during my lunch hour. I had chicken and green beans. It was good. My job is going well. It's keeping me very busy and I am enjoying it. I love working in an office because it's a little more quieter, I get to walk around campus, be part of committees and go to meetings. I've met great people and I still have many more to meet. I love the freedom it brings. It's refreshing. The neat thing about is the lake that runs through Richland. It brings such a sense of peace and it makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.

Other than work, I am looking for an apartment closer to work. That way I don't have to deal with the 635 drama and avoid taking the 45-minute alternate route with 7 school zones to drive through in the mornings (AAAAAAAAAHHH!). It seems that it's not time to move into a house with my family. Timing this fall has been the theme to my life. I committed to some things like school and it's been falling apart. I am going through so many changes, again. Finding myself once again in this new job, new major of study and a new place. Wow, it's awesome, but it's hard to get a grasp on things because everything is new to me that I am having challenges trying to manage it all. I have God, great friends and a great family who are holding me together and helping me out. I cannot be more blessed. I feel it's undeserved.

Well, I like starting over. I'm used to change. Trust me, I am. The thing is, it's only the beginning.


p.s. Did this make any sense? ;)


Katfucious said...

You couldn't be more right about timing. Change is good and new beginnings are awesome! Hang in there and ask me about apartments in the area because I can tell you there are some you want to stay way far away from!!

Laura said...

thank you! I will!