Friday, August 31, 2007

1st week of school

It's been a whirlwind of a week with each day ending crashed on the couch sleeping up a storm and not even realizing it!!! Work has been going well. I am really thankful for my job. I love where I work. Each year, it challenges me to take it up a notch.

This week was great to meet all my new students as well as seeing my former students. During the week, I made an observation and realized that I am not the same teacher I was 3 years ago in fact, a year ago. There's something very different about the way I am approaching things. It must be all the experience from the past 4 years. Certainly, it's all God calling all the shots in the classroom and I am just a vessel willing to be used. My experiences this week have amazed me and blessed me.

Whenever I see my old students, I recall the rough times we went through. It hurts sometimes because I felt that I did a lousy job. Those were such rough years, but it was all growing pains.

Now, I see this new generation of students in my classroom and realize that each one of them has a bright future. These kids are awesome as well as those from the past. They deserve a good education and good guidance. They are entrusted in my hands that they will receive what they need. I will make sure that they do!

I guess I finally grew up! It was one of my goals this past summer. It was time to shift focus on others and not on myself (ya'll know how us single people's all about us, lol!) God showed me this summer that I am a spiritual parent and that I am no longer a 20-something year old baby. My goal is to be a good example and a good role model, and oh yeah, teach them some Spanish while I'm at it, too...*wink...:)

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!!!
Laura :0)

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Olga Foster said...

so proud of you laura! beans and elvis said Hi