Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sorry, it's been a while since I last posted, again. Life's been really hectic and stressful with seeking a job and finishing my school year strong. I still haven't taken my GRE, it doesn't seem to fit in my budget lately, lol....either that or I'm procrastinating. I got glasses for computer use and extensive reading. It's helped a lot with my headaches and they are pretty cool. I'd like to thank my mom for picking them out. She has great taste!
Lately, I've been walking alot since the weather improved. I absolutely love it! I get to walk every afternoon in a beautiful park near my place. It's so peaceful and the fresh air is great! Other than that, all is well! Hope everyone is doing great!

Laura :D

p.s. This vid is hilarious! I'd like to see Mimi pull that trick, LOL!
South Paw Kitty


Olga said...

take beans to the park with you...that little fat dog could use some excercise. :)


kitty in the video is too funny
take a pic of you in your new glasses :)