Friday, May 23, 2008

Counting down....

My goodness! I have never been so busy in my entire life, then again I always say that at this time of year. But, there's so much to do because I have to pack up my things in my classroom and move them out. I am still looking for a job and I am narrowing things down with my choice of school to attend this fall.
So far this month:
I administered the TAKS for the last time.
I celebrated Mimi's 3rd birthday!
I celebrated my mother's birthday and mother's day.
We had the 1st annual Champions Walk for Christ Youth Walk-a-thon in Rockwall.
I spent a weekend in Paris, TX for the JROTC Camp.
I cheered Kristi and Mark to win the DWTS competition!
We had the Spanish Club end-of-the-year party and got a cake...:D
I applied for many jobs.
I looked into 3 areas of study.
I have been coming to peace with stepping down as a teacher.
I am enjoying a 4 day weekend...sadly my allergies decided to kick in at the same time....aaargh!!!! :-(
I am looking forward to a new's all in His hands!
So, that's all I been doing this past month. I will try my best to update ya'll more consistently!
I hope this blog finds you all well!
Blessings on ya'll and lot's of love,
Laura :D

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Olga said...

busy busy bee!