Sunday, October 14, 2007

October: The Eventful Month!

Here's a picture of Beans and Mimi sunbathing in the paradise of Garland, Texas..LOL! Beans stayed with me a week in September.
I'm just busy as usual. October is a very eventful month for me every year. I have several family birthdays, church events, and work events to make time for. My brother, my cousin and my God mother have a birthday this month as well as my dear bff Iris.
At work, I've got a Fall Festival to work and a Teacher Appreciation day to arrange with the Spanish Club. With church, we are going to Hell House in Cedar Hill towards the end of the month and have a lock-in the same night. That should be fun! :D Life's keeping me busy, but it's a good thing!

I hope everyone's doing well!
Take care and God Bless!



Olga Foster said...

i know you can do it! Just pace yourself! and think about beans....:)


yep, stay busy, it's better that way