Monday, October 1, 2007


It's been unusually busy with work, work and's non-stop!!! Yet, I still have so much more to catch up on. I've become more forgetful than ever and it's caused some problems. yikes...maybe I'm just rusty or unorganized or probably just got alot going on the past month! :D I am still blessed despite everything!

So here are some updates of the past couple of weeks!

1.Since I last wrote, I left off with the diagnosis of my thyroid situation. I'm taking Synthroid for my hypothyroidism/goiter problem. It really explains alot of what's been going on with my health.

2. Beans, Olga's dog, stayed with me all last week and it was alot of fun having her around. Since fall started, taking her out for walks at night was really relaxing.

3.Well, school is almost starting, however I come to find out that the university only supports PC/windows..uh, hello...what about those of us that have mac books...why do they always leave us out? (lol!) I guess I will have to do some of the studying at work on the Dell comp. Hopefully, they'll develop software that is mac compatible REALLY SOON.

4. This weekend was a 3-day weekend for me due to Fair Day for my district. It was very much needed! I got alot of things done including dying my hair back to one color. I had to buy a hair-color remover to remove my blonde highlights and the color I wanted to retint it with. As soon as, I rinsed out all of the color remover and dried it...I looked like the bride of frankenstein...I had 3 colors in my natural hair color, the color from spring 2006 and my highlights became frost! LOL! Of course, I retinted my hair with my natural hair color shade and ta-da...I was done! I was happy with the results and boy may i say that I was a little nervous about the whole thing, but it worked out! So, my hair is back to one color! WOO-HOO!!! :D

I hope all is well with everyone!
Love ya'll!!!


Monyka said...

wow! alot is going on in your world!!

I can't believe it's fall again. Thanksgiving is seven weeks from now!! next thing we know, it will be Christmas.


times goes by so fast!
it's great that your hair experimenting worked out well!
I am not as brave as you are.
thank you for commenting on Sasha's stories
till next time,
have a great one

Olga Foster said...


Sandy said...

wow...ur more busy than me...LOL... you gave olga a perm? LOL sorry. God is so good...all this busy stuff will be so worth it and over. soon(in God's timing) you'll be married and kids...oops...i guess the busy life is never over! hahah! :) try to get some rest and dont forget ur iron pills :D take care! it feels good leaving u more comments :) just showin some love n support to mi hermanita en cristo..Q Dios TE BENDIGA!