Sunday, November 4, 2007

Life, life, life....

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Had a great, relaxing weekend! On Friday night, I joined my APO family for dinner in Allen which was really nice and fun! On Saturday, I slept in until 7am and caught Ella Enchanted on TV. It is such a cute movie! Afterwards, I went to the mall to pay a bill and bought some black all-star chuck taylors..really cool and super comfortable!!! Later that evening, I went to evening service and came home to relax.
Today, I went to church and our Pastor was not there because he caught the flu as well as Brian who is having problems with his pancreas. I know the Lord promises healing and I am sure they are on the way to recovery! Well, after church I came home and slept for 2 and half hours!!!!! I must have been tired or something. Anyway, now I am doing absolutely nothing and just enjoying time at home.

Other than my weekend, this will be my last week before I start my master's program. I am super excited and looking forward to some new knowledge.

On a bad note, I received my utility bill last week and it came out to be $620.49!! I was furious!!!! Well, it turned out my A/C was acting up all along and it used an excessive amount of electricity. Well, I did call the utility company and they offered a re-read, but surely it was my A/C. I can't afford that and I have to pay $412.50 for my tuition this week!!! AAARGHHH!!!! It ticks me off, but I know it will work out. I have to take it up with the apt management and see what we could do because I have called many times to have them fix my A/C condensation problems, but it just kept getting worse.
Well, that's enough for now. I'll keep ya'll updated on this little obstacle!

Love ya'll,

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Olga Foster said...

omg, that is terrible! $612 for a 1 bedroom apt...i don't think so! it is definately broke...just let me know who i need to beat up to fix that....