Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taking a Break...

1.So, I have been cleaning most of my evening. It's my fall cleaning time. My apt is starting to look great and ready for the holidays.

2. I started school last week and it's been quite a strain to be honest. I borrowed my brothers pc laptop and my internet connection would not work..:( So, now, I am way behind. But, I'll catch up. Last night, I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1521 Laptop in Jet Black. I am super excited!!!! I know it's going to help me very much with school. I should be getting it in the next week or so. It was a really good deal if I do say so myself, it was much cheaper than my current macbook.

3.Tomorrow, I'll be spending the daytime studying and doing some HW. Later, I'll head out to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I can't wait to see them! :) They're a blast to be around.

4. My utility bill ordeal is still up in the air. My apt manager says if something on their part is found I'll get a rent deduction for this coming month. I'm waiting on God. He's got the answer. It'll all work out!

Have a great night!



Olga Foster said...

any news on your ac bill?


Laura!!! Time to post!!!!