Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am so happy and thankful to say that I made it through my first graduate course with Lamar! This research course was really challenging. I was totally out of practice. It was super insane given the facts that I started in the middle of the 3rd week of 5 weeks. Moreover, I didn't do so hot on the midterm(it was 2 days after I began), but only by the Grace and Mercy of God I am passing and points were added to my midterm grade. I was so stressed out and ready to quit. But that all changed when I was around friends who were so encouraging, supportive and determined to finish this program.
Well, I don't know my final grade as of yet. In the last week, an application assignment, a final exam, 3 journal entries have been completed. I hope I did well on these assignments. Whew, am I happy this research course is over!

The next thing to tackle is this coming week at work and christmas shopping that I have not started...which by the way won't be until the 21st. HA! Also, THE GRE!!!!! yay.

I hope everyone is doing well!
Take care and many blessings on ya'll!