Monday, March 9, 2009

Battle Cry 2009 Weekend

This weekend was amazing. I learned so much and had fun while at it. The event is called Battle Cry and it's sponsored by Teen Mania Ministries from a town near Tyler, TX called Garden Valley. It's an interdenominational (All branches of Christianity) Youth event. Although, it was targeted to the youth, I learned so much about the basics like honoring your parents, purity, and stepping out of one's comfort zone. I felt so equipped after we left. Besides the great teaching, there were some great bands on the venue and it rocked! We had floor seats and sat front, center on the third row. Below are some sweet pics I took with my new toy (merry christmas to me, lol!), a Nikon D60.

There are many more and I will post more later on! Happy Monday! :)

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great pix, I know your friends will love them