Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will I Ever Work from Home, Again?

There was an accident off the highway I live by and the one after it was congested, too. Oh boy! I was certainly going to be an hour late or so to work! I called and asked if there was possibility that I could work from home. Since I was not on the schedule to see students, I went ahead and worked from home. This was the first time I worked from home and to be honest, I was too distracted. I was thinking to myself, "I could be doing this and that and oooh, that other project." Of course, it had nothing to do with work and the program I am coordinating at the college. I paced back and forth and nothing!!! Ugh, I hate writer's block. For those of you who don't know, I'm a scholarship program coordinator and I have been entrusted to run this program. However, there are some hurdles I have to jump over. I am rewriting a proposal for possible grant funds. It's been a month or so and there is not much progress or at least where I would like to be. Anyway, back to my day, I was not happy with the results and felt like I wasted a day even though I got some thing done or I think it's done. But, even when I am in my office, I still feel so distracted, lol! Oh dear! What am I gonna do? LOL! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day at the office and I can accomplish some things that need attention. So, that was my Wednesday! However, I got alot accomplished for Youth in our multimedia dept and this weekend's events this evening and I got to see my mother, too...:D



you look great , your new picture :)
working form home is tough I never accomplish much

Laura said...

Thank you soooo much!