Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Transformed And Being Transformed, Again.

So, what's new? Alot, actually. I've logged on many times to write something in the past two months, but I couldn't think of anything to write about. It's pretty sad, I know. I have recovered from my grandmother's passing and recently lost my great aunt Olivia in Honduras, too. Thankfully, my family is doing fine. I've lost about 44 pounds since August which is a big relief for me! My time in the Youth Ministry has been a blessing in my life for the fact that I still get to work with teens. They are my heartbeat and my motivation to lead a Godly example to the best of my ability....because, overall, I am a human being.
I don't know where to begin to tell ya'll the truth. Like many twenty-somethings, I find myself in continuous transformation. Sometimes, it's easy, sometimes it's not so easy. This is a new season for me. It's changing me from the inside out, spiritually. It's been challenging, but I am learning, growing and maturing. It leaves me with the choice to leave childish things behind and to move forward in His calling for my life. This time it's no game. What I mean by childish things, I am not talking about being goofy, silly, joking around and what not...we all know that part of me will never go away! So, get used to it! LOL!
But, I speak of behaving outside of God's character (Galatians 5:22-23). It's too important for me to live by His counsel, wisdom and for Him to direct every step of my life (Book of Proverbs). It's not easy because I am no way near perfect whatsoever, but I can do many things in Jesus...seriously, without Him, I am absolutely nothing. I stumble, but He catches me and redirects me. He lifts my head up when I am in the midst of refinement. I could not ask for more in a Father. It blesses me beyond measure. To say the least, this is only the beginning of something amazing for me that surpasses all my understanding and knowledge. So, this is the new me.I have much more to learn, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I needed to vent out and write about what I have learned in the past couple of months and although, it's nothing new, but this time it has become more alive and in action in my life. It's mind-blowing to see I serve a living God who never sleeps (Psalm 121), watches my coming and going, and moves on behalf of His children. Wow.

I hope this finds everyone well.
Blessings on ya'll!
Laura :)
p.s. Yes, the preacher in me likes to come out once in a while and say something.



Great post. I think though you can write more often about your every day life and how you stumble and get through things.
It is inspirational and uplifting to read your blog.
Every day little things matter, so I think you should post "small silly" things as well.

Laura said...

Thank you so much! That is very encouraging! :) Thank you for pointing that out for me, it really helps. :D