Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Trying...

WOO HOO ! ! !
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This week has flown by! Praise God! :) I've been sleep deprived for 2 weeks, but the pinnacle of it was last weekend for Battle Cry. All of us hardly slept at all, so sleep is a big issue. I feel like my head is about to hit my desk as I am writing this. I would like to be as energetic as the kitty in the picture above, but I'm not. lol. But, God has been so wonderful as to give me the strength and attitude I need to serve my students and colleagues well. I just need to make it a priority to go to bed early and leave my projects alone for one night and take care of my health. I am feeling symptoms of a cold, but I refuse to get sick!!!! I've had it with getting sick. It took me 2 months or so to get over an upper respiratory infection! YUCK!!! I've been back to normal for a month now and I want to keep it that way! ha! Besides, I can't use any more sick days because I have a week of C4C Youth Rally this summer. WOO!
SO, that is all for now! I hope you all are doing well and thanks for stopping by!

Thank you! Come again!


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