Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Here's a picture of my Godmommy, my mommy, and my aunt Nena. The next one is the cake with tons of candles and then there's me with my new toy..yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a nerd and proud of it!!!
Well, I turned 27 on sunday! YAY!!! This time I can say that I am totally wiser than before. I've learned alot and experienced God's presence in my life more than I could ever imagined.
I started out the day by relaxing in the morning and made my way to my mom's church in Dallas with a pit stop to Starbucks. My mom arranged a memorial mass for my Grandmother who passed away July 25, 1996. Each year, we honor her through a mass by her name being mentioned during prayer. It was really nice seeing the family come together for this day.
After church, my mom chased down the priest so he would say a prayer for me and sprinkle me with Holy Water. Fifteen minutes later, I got prayed for and got sprinkled (no, it did not burn me!).
We went out to eat at my fave restaurant, El Ranchito in Oak Cliff. They have the best Tacos Al Carbon!! heehee. There was great food and great Mariachi music. The Mariachis charged 15 bucks a song!!!! So, everytime they sang the birthday song, I dedicated it to myself. You know, I could buy a CD with that money. Come on now!
The rest of the day was spent at my Godmother's house where we cut the cake and opened gifts! The cake was a chocolate tres leches cake....yummeh!!! I rejoiced after I opened my mom's gift which was a laptop briefcase!!! (I KNOW, I KNOW only a nerd would rejoice) Also, I received some money, too!!! WOOP-WOOP!!!! as my youth kids would say!
I had a GREAT birthday!!!!!
Take care and much love to ya'll!!!


Olga Foster said...

those gifts look awesome..again, happy birthday.

by the way, your doctor, general doctor, can do this..but if you want use my doctor, it is Dr. Stark and he is in Heath, Baylor on FM 549


Happy Birthday!