Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Bird

Going back to Thursday, I had an interesting encounter with a bird. Now, this bird sits out on my balcony and chirps his little heart out...every morning! While he chirps, Mimi cackles at him and cackles at him...remember she's quite the talker. She likes to start drama, lol...j/k. Anyway, this past Thursday, I was cleaning up my apartment and realized that I had a couple of bags full of trash.
I gather all the trash bags and head out the door. As I go down the stairs, I see the bird and it looks at me. Of course, I ignore it and keep going. As I walk towards the trash dumpster, that bird follows me! It flies over my head a chirps and lands on a tree nearby. And does it again! It gets better.....well not for me. As I walk back home, it follows me back, however this time it flies into my hair and makes horrible "wack" sound and flaps its wings over and over again! That thing was attacking me!!!!! If only I'd brought the fly swatter. lol. May I just say that this was one out of 2 encounters I had with this bird???

Later that evening my friend Liz and her daughter came over and told me that they had been attacked by that bird as well. Dang bird, if I ever see it again its gonna get whacked with a fly swatter. (Lucky him, I haven't seen him since then, muhahahaah!)
I hope ya'll have a great weekend and God Bless ya'll!!!

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Olga Foster said...

the bird is a stalker!