Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More on Mimi

Here's Mimi with her favorite toy! She loves this string toy that is attached to a stick. When I first bought it, It had this cute blue fish on it and now the fish is non-existent and the string is half its length! Just a couple of days ago, I attached a piece of ribbon onto it and she still loves it! LOL! Mimi goes ballistic when she plays with it! She jumps, rolls up, pounces, stalks and she's too funny! She is looking forward to seeing her sister Beans (awww...reunited) and meeting Sam and Elvis very soon!

As far as this week goes, it's flown by! I've had so many things to for my upcoming trip, but I've barely scratched the surface! There's so much more to do: wash car, empty car trunk, get groceries, clean the rest of my apt, plan kid's church, pack, etc. It's bonkers!!! Where has the week gone,lol? Ok, I'm
Have a great Thursday everyone!!! :0)

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Olga Foster said...

i can't wait until she visits....except we dont have sam anymore....he went bye bye