Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Had a great time last week. Branson is so pretty! I won't miss driving on the mountains, but I'll miss the people and the atmosphere. We were kept busy all last week. There was a morning service and an evening service each day. The worship was led by In the Deep from Go Ministries. Also, we had some laughs with the In Motion Drama team from Go as well. We had Brother Chip Brim (coordinator of the rally), his mom Billye Brim, Del Mar, Dominic Woods, Jeremy Pearsons, and Rocky Clark. What these guys have in common is that most of them are athletic coaches. So, it was like being in the locker room and receiving a pep talk.

During those services, great things took place. My words will do no justice, you just had to be there! Lives were transformed...there were healings, miracles and deliverances. My kids received the Holy Spirit and I received healing! God's presence was so strong that one service went for 5 hours!! It was awesome! I learned, God is God and through Him ALL things are possible..naturally and supernaturally! We learned about the authority that was delegated to us by God and how to operate in it...WOW!!!! We came in one way and left differently.
Between services, we did all the touristic things like going to two amusement parks, Celebration City and Silver Dollar City, also the Branson Belle Showboat and caught a great show while cruising and finally White Water Park! We had such a blast!
I hope all is well and stay dry!!!
Laura :0)

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