Saturday, July 14, 2007

El Sabado

I realized that my weekends are my weekdays and my weekdays are my weekends...well at least for the summer. (Wouldn't be nice if it were this way in the real world, lol) My weekends are full and very eventful! It's really hard for me to make plans because I have family and church commitments.
My Saturdays have a set routine. I'm up early and I drive to Rockwall to set up Church signs for Saturday night service. Afterwards, I drive to Dallas and spend the 1st half of the day with my family. My mom and I run our errands together and just spend time together. Like today, we took a detour to Whole Foods Market which I've never been. I thought it was the coolest place. They have all these great products. It was my amusement of the day...I may go back...if only there was one nearby.

Time flies so fast that by 3pm, I drive back home to get ready for Sat night service. I gather my stuff together and leave to Rockwall.
As soon as I arrive, us "roadies" (commerce and rockwall church stafF) set up technical equipment. In this case for me, I'm the techie which I enjoy doing! I do all multimedia tech stuff except for sound...that's Kevin's job. I still cannot figure out all those knobs and wires. Anyway, later on, we enjoy the message of the evening and then break equipment down and pack it up and go! It's bonkers, but it's so worth it! Later on, I'll be launching the Devoted Youth Group meetings as soon as we set in stone our weekly bible studies in Rockwall. It's really exciting!

Well, those are my Saturdays! Crazy, huh?

I hope ya'll are doing great!
Continue to enjoy your weekends!!!


Olga Foster said...

whole foods market........yum!
~your mini celebrity!

Monyka said...

Sounds busy, how do you keep up with it?


I love Whole Foods. NIce pic of a kitty.