Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is a picture from BSA Rock Instruction Workshop from 4/22/07. In this pic, I am repelling from a 36' cliff! It was scary at first, but it was alot of fun on the way down!
I started out the day early by relaxing (try it, it's good!). Later, I met up with co-worker friend for lunch! It was really nice to catch up with her...:0) I asked her that if she had been to Wal-Mart lately. She knew exactly what I meant from that question. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the BACK-TO-SCHOOL supplies are up in full-force at Wal-Mart! LOL! To a high school teacher, our reactions are NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's TOO SOON! EEEEEEK!!! To an elementary school teacher, it's a joy and they go all out! We laughed when we made that observation. But, hey, we love our jobs!
Afterwards, I bought groceries and cleaned up a storm. Later that evening, my friend Liz and her daughter Angel (who will be staying with me this weekend) came and visited. It was really nice to see them...:0)
That was pretty much my day! I hope everyone is doing great! Have a fantastic Friday!

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