Monday, July 16, 2007

Mimi and Monday

Isn't my Mimi adorable? She's two now and she's such a sweet cat. This cat loves to play ALL THE TIME and is quite a talker especially when she wants to play! Every morning when my foot touches the floor or I come home, she runs to her favorite toy and sits right next to it and meows. When I pick up her favorite toy and play with her, she meows. Isn't she quite a talker? It's hilarious!! However, if she does not get the attention she finds a way to get it!
Another thing she does, is around bedtime. When I get in bed, Mimi sits next to my bed and waits till I am have fallen "asleep". As soon as she hears no movement, she jumps on the bed and snuggles up next to me! It's so sweet.
I think Mimi is a dog trapped in a cat's body. hahahah!

Today, I was recovering from my busy a matter of fact I still am. I'm really tired.
I went to Wylie to help out the girls from my Youth group with their talent show routine for next week's youth rally. After a couple of hours, they finished the routine! YAY! It looked great! We're really excited about next week!
I had an uneventful evening, I like it like that! But, I have tons to do especially my weekly cleaning... but I think I'll take care of it tomorrow,heheheheeh! For now, I'll chill.....hehehehehe (I know, I know... I picked on you about it Olga!)
I hope you guys had a great Monday!

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Mimi is cute kitty. You should come with Olga one day and see my baby. :-)